Wristbands for Cystic Fibrosis


'a fight we must win' multipack of ten YELLOW Wristbands


Multipack of new, yellow, silicone wristbands with the wording 'cystic fibrosis a fight we must win' with black lettering. 10 bands per multipack.


The band has been designed to match the new colour scheme of the cf trust.

We have been apporved by the cystic fibrosis trust to sell these bands on their behalf.


Size Guide:


Infant size: 160mm (6.3")


Medium size: 185mm (7")


Large size: 202mm (8") 


If you select a 'mixed sized' pack, please specify the size of the wristbands you would like.

If you have selected a mixed sized pack please specify the sizes you require.

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